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Recently I had case where a we had to deploy computers that required Kiosk mode. Trouble was, I couldn’t run Windows Kiosk mode for the auto start of the application I wanted the Kiosk users to operate.

I discovered these registry settings to allow me to functionally create a Kiosk environment.

These registry edits will result in the following:

  • Any time the user logs into this computer. The chosen application will launch.
  • The taskbar will be hidden
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del wont work once the user is logged in (If you opt in for that registry edit.)
  • The user will login automatically when the computer turns on (If you opt in for that registry edit.)

First enter Registry Editor:

# Add startup application:


# Autologin for kiosk user (Optional):
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] 
    "DefaultDomainName"="<place here pc hostname>"

# If you need to disable Ctrl+Alt+Del

     ## the registry key "System" may not exist. In that situation just create       a new key called System.
    "DisableTaskMgr "="1"

I also suggest downgrading that user to a “Standard User” so they can’t make changes to the computer without admin privileges.

Using these simple Registry settings you will be up and running with a Kiosk that runs any application you need as well as locking down the interface of the Windows 10 computer.

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